Why Vinyl Flat?
The Vinyl Flat Record Flattener is the proven, affordable way to repair vinyl
record warps that eliminates all the guesswork.  Until Vinyl Flat, music lovers
had very limited choices for warped vinyl records:   

  • Throw out the records

  • Avoid buying/selling warped records

  • Purchase a record flattening machine that costs thousands of dollars

  • Try risky DIY or “home-made” techniques involving glass and weights  
         that may be cheap but can easily ruin records.

Traditional DIY techniques typically fail because it is impossible to:  

  • Obtain even pressure across the record playing surface

  • Determine the correct temperature that is required for the vinyl to
         re-shape using off-the-shelf materials

  • Determine the required amount of pressure at a given temperature.  

All DIY methods only touch the raised lead-in groove and raised center record
label, creating a gap that inhibits record flattening.

Only the Vinyl Flat provides a precise amount of gravitational force that is
uniformly applied across the record playing surface.  When used with a
simple, low-heat source (such as a kitchen oven or the optional
Pouch), the Vinyl Flat is proven to be effective at reducing most record warps
and dishes and has been tested to be safe for all vinyl records.